Web Marketing & Social Media

In Web Progress, we are aware of the determining role the Internet and the social media play in attracting new customers, thus, web campaigns are necessary if you wish to boost your business.

Apart from your page reconstruction, we undertake the design of a web campaign through the use of modern technologies.

  • By defining the target group and goals of your web campaign and setting the necessary strategies to promote your page and products.
  • By supporting you throughout your campaign.
  • By making use of contests and e-offers that will increase your Internet transactions.
  • By using and developing your accounts in social media.

Βελτιστοποίηση SEO

Combine Tools and Platforms

We advise you to benefit from detailed statistics on the campaigns you have already created, so that you can accomplish your SEO optimization and reserve a better position for your webpage or e-shop in Google (or other search engines) search results.

Make use of the most modern tools to introduce your business to the new Internet era.

Create and develop your accounts on the popular Social Media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Youtube to further promote your business.

Build your campaigns in Social Media and combine these campaigns with e-mail marketing.

Use analysis tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights in order to receive statistical facts on the campaigns you have created.

Building Online Brands

Do not stick to old fashioned ways of advertisement anymore! The new technologies, the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets when surfing the Internet and the development of Social Media particularly within young ages consist the new ways that will promote your products and services.

Benefit from the Social Media and the Internet to strengthen your webpage or e-shop!

Create your content with striking photographs and videos, share in Social Media and attract potential clients!

Web Marketing stands for building online brands.