Google Adwords Campaigns

Web Progress undertakes the creation of your business advertising in the most popular Internet search engine. Google Adwords (now called Google Ads) is Google’s advertising programme.

You can appear within the first Google results when information is requested under the keywords that you have selected for your advertisement.

A well formed Google search campaign could bring you increased sales, new visitors to your webpage and target achievement.

After analyzing the market and competition, we create the appropriate advertisements for your products and further improve them according to the received analyses, and as a result, we offer you campaigns that give you great results.

Together, we will create a Google Adword Campaign suitably adjusted to your personal targets.

Trust our methodology

  • Market and Competition research
  • Keywords research
  • Advertisements creation
  • Writing Advertising Texts
  • Possible Additions
  • Data Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Budget adjustment according to the clients’ needs
  • Reports Delivery