Contact with the client

E-mail Marketing is a very significant part of Web Marketing. Many businesses credit their success to good e-mail marketing, while others remained static because they never made use of it.

E-mail marketing presupposes purposeful contact with the client and not just sending an e-mail.
In Web Progress, we confidentially undertake the development of an e-mail campaign adjusted to your own needs.

Using the latest mail marketing technological tools (, and prioritizing the e-mail content (text and pictures), we organize, create and train you on the e-mail campaigns.

Personalized Notifications

Benefit from the low cost and develop your e-mail campaign. Send your personalized notifications in relation to your news and offers, or grouped notifications divided into groups of users or clients.
Attract new customers in a legal way. Contact with your audience, the users of your webpage and your clients.

Make use of the tool that offers you accurate statistics. In this way, you are able to know how many people and who exactly opened your sent e-mail, how many people forwarded it or how many clicked on the provided links.

Evaluate the results of your campaign and use your received statistical data to organize your future marketing.

Support your business prestige through regular and organized communication with your clients or website users.

E-mail Marketing & Facebook

Combine your mail campaign with a successful Facebook campaign and aim at your Facebook contacts that also belong to your mailing lists.

Build different mail campaigns by dividing the recipients according to their interests, age, place of residence or profession.

We will show you the positive results of a successful mail campaign and also how to conduct one such.