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SEO optimization is not only related to a website construction but also the effective promotion practices.

Is your webpage supported by the search engines and basically Google?

If not, why is this happening?

First, while your website was being constructed, this very important factor of how well it runs in the search engines’ results wasn’t taken care of.

Second, Google gives low rating to the websites that are not constructed under the principles of Responsive Web Design.

The Internet is expanding rapidly and competition is growing accordingly, so a mere e-presence of your business is not enough. SEO optimization should be number one priority for you. If you wish to increase your sales, then your brand and products need to appear in the first positions of the search engines’ results.

Βελτιστοποίηση SEO
Βελτιστοποίηση SEO

In Web Progress we undertake SEO optimization and the jump of your webpage in the search machines

  • Through technical interventions when designing your webpage.
  • Through the use of Internet promotion strategies.
  • Through the use of social media.
  • By optimizing your webpage content (content, nodes, articles, links, contacts). Content rewriting refers to all necessary changes, interventions and alterations in the content and structure of the webpage (articles, categories, alias names of articles or categories, tags, metetags). Through these techniques, we aim to make your webpage friendlier among the search engines and raise the number of people entering your page via organic (not paid) Google results or other search engines (Yahoo, Bing).
  • By converting your webpage/e-shop into one that complies with Responsive Web Design.

Place your Business in Google Top Positions

If you are interested in having your webpage within the first ten Google (or other search engines) search results, then do not hesitate to contact us.

TIP: Before appointing the construction of your webpage/ e-shop, request a portfolio that demonstrates particular webpages or e-shops within the first search engines’ positions.  

Βελτιστοποίηση SEO